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Character Questions

1. What would you do with a million dollars? With a thousand? A hundred? Ten?
I would probably put a good bit of money away if I had a million dollars. You know, for college. I'd also go visit my family back in Russia, and maybe take Jonathan with me if he wanted to go. If I had a thousand dollars, I'd save some and go shopping with some. If I had one hundred dollars, I'd take Jonathan out for an expensive dinner. I'd go buy some magazines with ten dollars.

2. What is your favorite television show? How often do you watch it? Why do you like it?
I haven't kept up with television since I was little and still watched Cheburashka. (For more info on the cute little mouse, go to Wikipedia and type in 'Cheburashka'. He's awesome.) I still have my Cheburashka doll, though. He sits on my dresser.

3. When did you lose your virginity? Was it an experience you later regretted?

Well, I haven't, to be honest. I haven't done anything more than kissed a boy, which seems to surprise people. I don't know why. Now this is causing strangeness with Jonathan because of Virgin loving demons, though.

4. What is/was your relationship with your grandparents like?
I love my grandparents. We used to live with them back in Russia, because of the housing shortages. It was a cramped space, but I miss it. They still send me packages all the time, but I wish that they were here.

5. Coke or Pepsi? Why?
I like Coke, because it was what I was used to drinking from home. Pepsi is a little harder to find in Russia.