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russian_slayer's Journal

Ekaterina (Catherine) Nikolaevna Baclanova
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About Me
My parents have recently moved me to Sunnydale, CA, although I am not sure why. They tell me that they are seeking new job opportunities, although I was sure that they could have found something better in our home.

1) Character Name: Ekaterina Nikoliavna Baclanova
2) Alias: She does use the anglicized version of her name, Catherine. That's about it, though. She was named for Catherine the Great of Russia.
3) Age: 15
4) Faction: Slayer
5) Alignment: Good.
6) Occupation: High school student. As far as education is concerned, she's way ahead in things like math and science, but behind in humanities, like history and English.
7) Species: Human Slayer
8) Background:Catherine was born to Nikolai and Tatiana in Moscow. Her father was a civil engineer and her mother was a doctor. (Note, a doctor is NOT a high paying job in Russia unless you are a specialist or a surgeon, which are jobs mainly open to men.) They didn't have a whole lot of money growing up in post-communist Russia, but they made due, also living with Catherine's paternal grandmother, Olga. Catherine was much closer to her grandmother than her parents, since she was the one who had stayed home with her while she grew up since both of her parents worked long hours. Even though her grandmother had been brought up to be a stanch communist, she taught her granddaughter to express her individuality in all ways possible. It seemed that, with the changing climate, she wanted her granddaughter to be a free spirit, which she became by dying her hair multiple colors (to match the anime shows from Japan that she loved). Her parents felt indulgent with their only child as well, and allowed all of this. She performed very well in school, and had every intention of going to a university and studying physics more.

All of this changed when her parents announced that the entire family, her grandmother included, were moving to America to a tiny town in California called Sunnydale. She had never heard of the place before then, but her mother had gotten a job at the local hospital and her father was commuting to work in LA. She will be attending Sunnydale High School, and will be far ahead in some subjects and behind in others.

9) Personality: Catherine is able to keep a calm demeanor when danger is a foot. She has gotten into more than a few scrapes in Moscow over the years, but will accept responsibility for her actions and deal with the consequences. She will not shy away from work, either. Her parents and grandmother all instilled a good work ethic into her as a part of her upbringing. She might be a free spirit, but she'll hunker down and work with the rest of them. She has an attitude that the ends justify the means. If she had been around in the comics when Buffy robbed the bank, she would have been right there with her, saying that the money they got from it to fund their work made up for the fact that they were stealing it. She's not all business, though. She enjoys going to see movies, but her favorites are of the gangster variety, both Russian and American films. She also likes to 'geek out' by reading comic books (translated into Russian, usually) and watching anime. She enjoys going out dancing at clubs and can drink most grown men under the table, and that was before she got the Slayer constitution. (Most people in Russia start smoking around twelve, and drinking around fifteen. Or is it the other way around? *shrugs*) She does abhor other illegal drugs, though, as she has seen what they do to other people. Her personal moto basically is 'work hard, party hard.'
10) Powers: She has all of the Slayer powers and weaknesses, but she has no training, so while she can beat a grown man in arm wrestling (and will jump at the opportunity), she will stare at you like you have grown a second head if you start shouting judo moves for her to do at her.
11) Skills: She is excellent in math and sciences, having already had the American equivalent to Calculus 2 and Physics in high school at the age of sixteen. She also has some decent understanding of Japanese as well, due to her interest in anime. Her English leaves much to be desired, though.
12) PB: Alaina Beaton
Location: Sunnydale, CA by way of Moscow.
Occupation: Slayer/High School Student
Relationship Status: Single
Age/Birthday: 15 / March 16
Powers/Abilities: Slayer abilities. Strength, fast healing, speed, heightened senses, prophetic dreams.
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